About Us

Tango Edge was formed in September ’07 by a group of enthusiasts. Before this many of us learnt with Steve McKay who now teaches in Cambridge. When he moved away, we simply decided not to stop dancing.

The group is run by a committee of volunteers. Proceeds from Tango Edge lessons and events are ploughed back into tango. Since starting up we have set up Cardiff’s first weekly milonga and held a number of one-off events.

The lessons are usually taught by Xenia, who has been dancing tango for 10 years. She has learnt from a number of teachers, but her main inspiration remains her first teacher Steve McKay. His philosophy, and ours, is that the essence of a good tango dancer is good body awareness and creative movement, not what steps they know, and that these things should be deeply emphasised from the start. For more on our philosophy towards steps, click here.

Our view is that the more tango the better, and we encourage people who dance with us to get experience elsewhere if possible, whether in Cardiff or on one of our exciting tango trips abroad. Tango is such a gorgeous, amazing dance, we want the world to know it!